Weebly and Java applets need help

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Weebly and Java applets need help Empty Weebly and Java applets need help

Post  Karsaar on Wed May 11, 2011 5:19 am

Hey dudes
I tried to implement an Java Applet written by me to my weeblysite, but everything i tried didnt work... On a normal .html file, it runs perfectly, but on weebly i always get an java error...
it should be a breakout game, the game with the paddle at the bottom and the ball bouncing against blocks and destroying them... Tried it with this code but didnt work:

<applet codeblock = "http://kasargames.weebly.com/files/theme" archieve="Breakout.jar" code="Main.class"></applet>

what am i doing wrong?


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